Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card is often seen as a sign of change, luck and destiny. As an experienced tarot card reader, I know that this powerful card can hold the key to unlocking your subconscious desires for freedom. In this article, I will explore what the Wheel of Fortune means in tarot readings and how understanding its meaning can help you navigate life’s changes with confidence.

As one of the major arcana cards in the tarot deck, the Wheel of Fortune symbolizes cycles of change – both positive and negative. It tells us that our lives are always changing, but it also reminds us that we have the power to make choices about where those changes take us. By recognizing patterns and trends in our lives and having faith in ourselves, we can use these shifts to propel ourselves towards personal growth and success.

Finally, understanding the symbolism behind the Wheel of Fortune tarot card reveals deeper insights into your hidden hopes and dreams. This knowledge allows you to tap into an inner strength and courage while trusting yourself to move forward confidently on any path you choose. With my guidance on interpreting this card’s meaning, you’ll be able to unlock new opportunities throughout life’s journey ahead!

Ignite your Tarot passion by delving into the Major Arcana Tarot Card Meanings. Learn how these enigmatic cards can provide valuable guidance and insights.

History And Background

The history of tarot cards dates back hundreds of years to the 14th century, with some experts believing its roots may even be traced back to ancient Egypt. Today, there are thousands of different types of tarot decks around the world – from traditional Italian decks to modern-day oracle cards. Tarot readings have been used for centuries as a form of divination and spiritual guidance.

Tarot card reading is based on four main components: Major Arcana numbering system, Minor Arcana suit system, court cards and symbolic imagery found on each card in the deck. The Major Arcana consists of 22 numbered cards which represent specific life events and occurrences that can affect an individual’s journey through life. Each card has a unique meaning associated with it, allowing readers to gain insight into situations surrounding them at any given time.

In addition to their spiritual value, tarot cards also provide valuable aesthetic beauty; many feature intricate artwork that reflects the culture they originate from. From egyptian origin symbols like hieroglyphs to detailed abstract artworks, these beautiful images add depth and mystique when interpreting one’s fate or future path. As we explore how this major arcana numbering system works in relation to tarot card meanings, let us first understand more about the origin and symbolism behind these powerful tools…

Major Arcana Numbering System

The Major Arcana is a special set of tarot cards that have been used for centuries to help people make important decisions in life. Each card has its own unique symbolism and meaning, which can be interpreted differently depending on the context. To understand these meanings more deeply, it’s important to learn about the major arcana numbering system. This system assigns each card with a number from 0-21, which serves as an additional layer of insight into their respective messages.

For instance, The Wheel of Fortune tarot card carries the number 10. In numerology, this number represents completion or cycles coming full circle – two key elements associated with this particular card. As such, when you draw The Wheel of Fortune during a reading session, it could signify something new emerging after several rounds of transformation and growth.

It’s also worth noting that some experts believe each Major Arcana card resonates with astrological energies too; therefore by understanding both the numerical value and astrological influence tied to your chosen card, you can gain even greater clarity about its message. With this knowledge at hand, you will be better equipped to navigate whatever situation comes your way – helping bring freedom closer than ever before! Ready to explore the deeper symbolism of The Wheel of Fortune? Let’s dive in…

Symbolism Of The Wheel Of Fortune Card

The Wheel of Fortune symbolizes the ever-turning cycles of fortune, both in our lives and throughout history. It is a reminder that what goes up must come down, and vice versa. This tarot card speaks to us of destiny, fate and karma – forces beyond our control which shape our experiences.

The wheel itself is thought to be an ancient representation of time, as its rotations are perpetual – like the passage from birth to death. In some interpretations, it may also represent the astrological zodiac wheel with twelve divisions representing each sign or house. The figures atop the wheel signify the four evangelists of Christianity – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

This card serves as a warning for us not to become too complacent when times are good; we should never forget that life is full of constant change and transformation. We can use this card as a reminder to take advantage of opportunities while they last, but ultimately accept that everything comes to pass in due course – no matter how hard we try to fight against it. By understanding this concept more deeply, we can learn how best to navigate through life’s unpredictable waters with grace and patience.

Upright Position Interpretation

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card meaning is an interesting one, as it symbolizes both luck and change. This card speaks to the idea that nothing in life stays the same forever; rather, we are constantly moving through different cycles and phases. The wheel itself represents this ever-changing cycle, while the four animals surrounding it represent the four elements: fire, water, earth, and air. Additionally, there is a strong emphasis on numerology with this card – specifically 888, which is often seen as a sign of good fortune and success.

When looking at astrological associations for this card, Jupiter stands out as its ruling planet. Jupiter is associated with growth and expansion – two themes that permeate throughout the Wheel of Fortune’s interpretation. On a spiritual level, this card suggests turning inward towards our innermost desires and dreams in order to bring about positive changes in our lives. It signifies taking risks without fear or hesitation in order to pursue those opportunities that will lead us down paths of abundance and prosperity.

Overall, these interpretations point towards taking control over our own destiny by embracing chance and risk-taking when appropriate – all within a framework of self-discovery and trust in oneself. With courage and determination comes great reward – something that can be found within ourselves if we take time to look deeper into our true potentials. By doing so, we open ourselves up to new possibilities that could never have been imagined before. Transforming life’s challenges into powerful sources of personal strength creates a foundation upon which even greater successes may lay ahead…

Reversed Position Interpretation

The Wheel of Fortune card in a reversed position is like a rollercoaster ride – while it can appear daunting and unpredictable, there’s something energizing about the thrill that comes with not knowing what lies ahead. In terms of tarot card interpretation, this reversal speaks to the idea of uncertainty: things may be unclear or chaotic right now, but don’t despair as change is on its way. The reversed position meaning for the wheel of fortune suggests that luck isn’t always on our side when we want it to be; however, if we remain patient and open-minded, then good fortune will eventually find us again. Reversed readings point out that one must accept their current circumstances without becoming overwhelmed by them in order to make room for the new changes coming into their life. With an understanding heart and a willingness to take risks despite riskiness, the future holds bright promise for those who have had their fair share of reversals.

Numerology Of The Wheel Of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is an iconic card within the Major Arcana and its numerological meaning holds a great deal of significance. This card’s numeric value is 10, which corresponds to the number 1 in Numerology. The number one symbolizes new beginnings, independence and strong will – all qualities that are associated with the Wheel of Fortune tarot card. It also stands for ambition and potential since it can be seen as a forward-moving wheel that carries us towards our goals.

The number ten itself has several implications when connected to this particular tarot card. Firstly, it suggests cycles or spirals moving through time – just like how life moves in circles, so too does the journey depicted by this tarot card. Secondly, it implies luck because it represents numbers coming full circle: we start from nothing but eventually end up where we started thanks to good fortune along the way. Finally, it hints at karma; what goes around comes around and whatever action you take now could have consequences further down the line.

Overall, the Wheel of Fortune speaks volumes about change, progress and destiny being intertwined in some mysterious way. We may not always understand why things happen as they do but ultimately everything must come back into balance according to karmic law – signified by this powerful arcana’s numerical representation! As we move on in our exploration of this iconic tarot card’s deeper meanings, let’s turn our attention towards examining its astrological correspondence…

Astrological Correspondence

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card has a strong connection to the astrological realm. Associated with Jupiter, this Major Arcana signals that life is in an ever-changing cycle and opportunity may come your way. The zodiac signs each have a unique relationship with their corresponding tarot cards; for instance, Leo is associated with Strength and Pisces links to The Star. Tarot astrology allows us to dive deeper into our intuition and unveil what lies beyond our conscious understanding.

This powerful card also symbolizes luck in its most raw form – unbridled fortune arriving at unexpected times. Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are particularly attuned to The Wheel as it reflects their inner desire for freedom and exploration. When we look more closely at the elemental associations of the wheel, we can further gain insight into how these energies interact with one another…

Elemental Association

When looking at the Wheel of Fortune tarot card, it is important to recognize that there are a number of elements associated with this card. The wheel itself represents the fire element and symbolizes transformation, change, and progress. Earth is associated with stability, grounding, and material rewards while air relates to communication and thought processes. Finally, water is connected to emotions and intuition. Each one of these elements plays an integral role in understanding what this card means for us when we draw it from our deck.

Being aware of how each element works together can help us gain insight into the message the Wheel of Fortune has for us. For instance, if the wheel appears alongside other cards signifying changes or new beginnings then combining them all will create an even more powerful message about what’s ahead for you. Similarly, if earth-based cards come up next to the wheel then they could be indicative of tangible rewards being on their way your way soon!

The elemental association helps us get an idea as to why the Wheel of Fortune often comes up in readings. It speaks to our desire for freedom; however its interpretation can vary depending on which other cards accompany it during a reading session. Understanding how each element interplays with others gives us further clues about which direction we should take moving forward in life’s journey. Armed with this knowledge combined with keywords specific to this card such as ‘change’ and ‘progress’ makes interpreting its meaning much easier so that we can make informed decisions going forward.

Keywords For The Card

The wheel of fortune tarot card is a powerful symbol, representing the cyclical nature of life and our ability to take control. It’s associated with spiritual guidance, numerology, and other forms of divination. This card takes on different meanings depending on its context within a reading, but it can often signify change or unexpected events that are outside of one’s control.

When interpreting this card, there are several keywords to consider:

  • Wheel – The wheel itself signifies luck or fate—the idea that something greater than us governs our lives in unseen ways.
  • Fortune – Good fortune can come from both inside and outside sources; we must be open to all possibilities for success.
  • Tarot Card – The tarot is an ancient tool used for insight into the future by unlocking hidden knowledge stored within the unconscious mind.
  • Symbolism – Symbols provide deeper layers of meaning beyond what is visible at first glance—we must look beneath the surface in order to unlock their secrets.
  • Spiritual Guidance – We may feel lost at times, but turning inward yields answers if we’re willing to listen.
  • Numerology – Utilizing numbers connects us to cosmic energies and helps bring clarity when making decisions about our path ahead.

With these keywords in mind, we can use the wheel of fortune tarot card as a guide for exploring how external forces shape our destiny while still allowing us to make choices that will propel us toward our highest potential — inspiring hope along the way!

Other Associated Meanings And Symbols

The Wheel of Fortune card offers a powerful reminder to focus on the spiritual cycle and follow our destiny with clarity. This is because the card’s karmic message reflects that what goes around comes around, which implies that luck and fortune are part of an ongoing cycle rather than something static.

In this sense, it symbolizes both good and bad times as well as their inevitable movement in life. It represents cycles of change, transformation, transition, and evolution—all of which can be used to one’s benefit if they understand how to flow with them instead of against them. The wheel itself serves as a physical representation of these changes by spinning continuously in order to indicate that no matter where we go or what we do, nothing will stay the same forever.

Moreover, the number 10 associated with the card has its own meaning: completion or perfection. Thus, when working with this tarot card, it’s important to remember that even though things may seem impossible now, there is always potential for change in any given situation. With luck and divine timing on your side along with faith and determination you can manifest anything into reality–even when faced with seemingly insurmountable odds! By understanding the different aspects of this tarot card, we can utilize its power to create greater abundance within our lives.

This concludes our overview about other associated meanings and symbols related to the Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card; next let us look at how love and relationship readings might differ when using this particular card…

Love And Relationship Readings With The Wheel Of Fortune Card

The Wheel of Fortune card in tarot readings is a powerful symbol for love and relationships. It speaks to cycles, change, fortune, and the potential for growth and transformation within our relationships. On one hand, it can represent luck or serendipity that leads us into an amazing relationship – but on the other hand, it can also signify a need for caution as these changes come with their own risks.

When reading this card in relation to love and relationships, there are several key points we should consider. First off, it’s important to acknowledge any feelings of uncertainty you may be experiencing. This could indicate a moment of transition where things may seem uncertain but ultimately lead to something better than before. Secondly, you must embrace risk if you want to experience true joy – especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Lastly, know that taking chances means facing unknown outcomes which can bring both negative and positive surprises along the way.

In sum then: The Wheel of Fortune encourages us to take risks in order to grow closer together with those we care about most – even though we don’t always have complete control over what happens next! With courage and trust in ourselves, we will find balance through whatever life throws our way. Ready now to explore work and career readings with the wheel?

Work And Career Readings With The Wheel Of Fortune Card

The Wheel of Fortune card represents the never-ending cycle of life, a magical wheel that spins us around and rewards our efforts with fortune. In tarot readings about work and career, this card can tell you what to expect in terms of potential success or failure. It may also provide insight into how to adapt your strategy for better results.

This card is full of possibility; it reminds us that while some things are out of our control, we still have power over our own decisions and reactions. We are free to choose which paths we take – whether they be traditional or more alternative routes – but ultimately it’s up to fate as well as ourselves to determine if we reach the destination.

If you’re looking for advice regarding employment opportunities or changes within your current job, the Wheel of Fortune often signals an opportunity coming your way soon enough. The key is recognizing when these moments come along so that you can make the most out of them without getting too caught up in expectations or doubts. With patience and awareness, luck could be just around the corner.

Health Readings With The Wheel Of Fortune Card

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card has a powerful meaning when it comes to health readings. This card represents the cyclical nature of life, and can be either positive or negative depending on your current situation. It is associated with luck, good fortune, and unexpected changes in our lives.

Good LuckBad LuckUnexpected Changes
Positive OutcomeNegative OutcomePotential Challenges
Opportunity for GrowthTaking RisksUncertainty

Knowing how to interpret this card during a health reading will help you gain insight into what might happen next in terms of overall well-being. If the Wheel of Fortune appears as part of a spread, it could suggest that something new is about to enter your life, whether good or bad, which may impact your physical health in some way. On the other hand, if it appears reversed during a reading then it’s time to take extra care with any decisions related to your health. The implications of this card remind us that even though we have control over certain aspects of our lives, there are still elements outside our reach that could catch us off guard.

This tarot card brings an air of mystery and unpredictability whenever it appears in a reading. In order to make the most out of its presence and understand its deeper meanings fully, one must always keep an open mind and remain aware of potential opportunities – both positive and negative – that come along with having faith in yourself and embracing change head-on. With such knowledge at hand we can begin exploring spiritual meaning and guidance with the Wheel of Fortune card.

Spiritual Meaning And Guidance With The Wheel Of Fortune Card

The Wheel of Fortune card in a tarot reading symbolizes spiritual guidance, as well as luck and fortune. This ancient card can represent the cycles of life and how we experience our own destiny through them. By understanding its meaning, we can begin to make sense of the events taking place around us.

When the Wheel of Fortune appears, it’s important to remember that although this card may bring unexpected good or bad news into your life, ultimately you have control over your fate. You must accept what comes with an open mind and look for opportunities to take advantage of any situation presented before you. The wheel is like a reminder that no matter what happens in life, staying flexible and adapting will be key to finding any success you seek.

In addition to offering insight on where one stands in terms of their current circumstances, the Wheel of Fortune also acts as a guide when trying to understand why certain situations are playing out they way they are. It encourages us to focus on the bigger picture by seeing things from different perspectives rather than getting caught up in how difficult something may appear initially.

By looking at each event individually and determining which direction it’s leading towards, you can gain greater clarity about how best to move forward with confidence and trust in yourself. With this knowledge, combined with other cards from a tarot spread, you’re able to enhance readings even further – discovering more hidden layers within them than ever before!

Combining Cards To Enhance Readings

When it comes to fortunetelling and tarot card readings, combining cards can be an effective way of enhancing the interpretation. Combinations of cards often reveal deeper meanings than individual cards alone. With guidance from experienced practitioners, one can gain insight into their current situation or outlook for the future by looking at how these combinations interact with each other.

To begin understanding the different ways in which two or more tarot cards may interact, consider the following:

  • Symbolism: When multiple symbols are combined together, they form a larger picture that has many layers of meaning beyond what any single symbol can convey on its own. For example, when The Magician and The World are combined together, this could indicate a person is capable of achieving great things through their skillful use of willpower and determination.
  • Opposite Forces: Two opposite forces such as Justice and The Devil can indicate an internal struggle between making decisions based on logic versus emotion. This combination shows us that we must find balance within ourselves if we wish to make sound judgments about our lives.
  • Similarities: Cards that share similarities create harmony and suggest positive outcomes. An example would be combining Strength and Temperance, which indicates someone has found the perfect mix of patience and strength when dealing with difficult situations.

Combining tarot cards offers valuable insights into our mindsets and decision-making processes. It helps us uncover hidden messages and discover new paths forward in life so we can manifest lasting change. By taking time to explore the various possibilities offered by card reading combinations, readers will be able to access greater clarity in their interpretations while also gaining better self-awareness along the journey towards personal freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Do If I Draw The Wheel Of Fortune Card In A Tarot Reading?

The Wheel of Fortune card in a tarot reading is one that can be both exciting and frightening. It signifies the potential for great change, good fortune, and luck but also carries with it a sense of uncertainty. For those who draw this card, it’s important to take time to interpret the card and understand its astrological correspondences so that you can make informed decisions about your future.

As an expert on tarot cards, I have seen many people breathe a sigh of relief when they pull the Wheel of Fortune as it often symbolizes new beginnings or opportunities just around the corner. The key lies in interpreting what type of opportunity awaits you—good or bad. To do so, here are some steps to consider:

  • Make sure to read up on the full interpretation behind this particular card before you attempt any further analysis. This will give you a better understanding of how the energy associated with this card might affect your life.
  • Spend time reflecting on where you are currently at in terms of your circumstances and goals—this will help inform your decision-making process when interpreting the Wheel of Fortune card’s meaning for you specifically.
  • Once you have considered all aspects related to the wheel of fortune, think carefully about what action needs to be taken next and whether or not now is really a good time for such drastic changes in your life.

It goes without saying that having an open mind and trusting yourself is essential when drawing this powerful tarot card! There may be risks involved but if interpreted correctly, there could potentially be huge rewards too–allowing us to unlock our true purpose in life while embracing freedom from within and without.

Does The Wheel Of Fortune Card Represent Good Or Bad Luck?

The Wheel of Fortune card is one of the most commonly drawn cards in tarot readings. It’s a powerful symbol that can represent good luck or bad luck depending on its interpretation. But what does it mean for you if you draw this card? Let’s take a look at what the wheel of fortune tarot card meaning has to offer.

When interpreting the Wheel of Fortune card, it’s important to think about your personal situation and what kind of luck may be headed your way. The card often indicates change, either positive or negative, so consider how changes might affect you before making any decisions. It could also refer to a cycle – either beginning anew or coming full circle. If this is the case, make sure you pay attention to subtle details as they arise throughout life; these clues will help guide your steps towards reaching your goals.

Luck is often associated with the Wheel of Fortune card, but don’t forget that luck isn’t always something we have control over! Sometimes all we can do is accept our fate and let things play out as they should. However, if you’re looking for some advice from this particular tarot reading then focus on taking action now rather than waiting around for Lady Luck to arrive – because she could show up earlier than expected! With hard work and dedication combined with optimism and an open heart – much like spinning a wheel – anything can happen. So keep pushing ahead no matter what comes your way and know that whatever happens was meant to be part of the journey.

In short, whether or not the Wheel of Fortune represents good or bad luck ultimately depends on how it’s interpreted within each individual’s context and circumstances. As long as effort is put forth during this time, there’s potential for great rewards both internally and externally down the line – just remember: destiny favors those who are brave enough to follow their own paths!

How Can I Interpret The Wheel Of Fortune Card In A Tarot Spread?

Interpreting the Wheel of Fortune card in a tarot spread can provide insight into life’s many mysteries. As an ancient symbol, this card carries with it great power and wisdom when understood correctly – those who understand its meaning can unlock new opportunities for success and joy. To interpret this powerful card within a tarot spread, here are some key tips to consider:

  1. Consider the fortune that is represented by the wheel itself – it often points to luck or fate playing a role in your current situation. Look closely at how you may be able to use this as an opportunity for growth and transformation.
  2. Think about what type of energy the wheel brings to your reading; is it positive or negative? Depending on where it falls in relation to other cards in your spread, one’s outlook will vary greatly. If it appears surrounded by more favorable cards, then there could be much potential for good luck and success ahead!
  3. Reflect upon any underlying messages associated with the imagery used on the card; take note of symbols such as stars, moons, animals etc., which all have their own unique interpretations depending on context. By doing so, you will gain greater clarity around whatever issue you are seeking guidance on through your tarot reading session.

By using these strategies while interpreting the Wheel of Fortune Card during a tarot spread, readers can become better equipped to decipher its hidden meanings and make sense out of life’s ever-changing paths forward. This knowledge allows us to navigate our lives towards greater fulfillment and abundance – something we all strive for regardless of circumstance or background!

What Is The Significance Of The Astrological Correspondence For The Wheel Of Fortune Card?

The Wheel of Fortune card is an iconic representation of the cosmic cycle, connecting us to a greater sense of destiny. It’s astrological correspondence suggests powerful forces beyond our control that can affect the outcomes in our lives. In order to unlock its full potential, it’s important to understand what this card signifies and how it relates to the hidden energies at play.

The astrological symbols associated with The Wheel of Fortune are Jupiter and Sagittarius, both signifying luck and fortune. This pairing reflects the idea that luck or fate may be involved when life takes unexpected turns. When these two signs come together, they create a strong sense of purpose – one that can lead to great success if we’re open to opportunities that arise from unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, the connection between Jupiter and Sagittarius indicate the importance of faith in times of uncertainty, as well as trusting yourself to make wise decisions when faced with difficult choices.

In tarot readings, The Wheel of Fortune symbolizes transformation, cycles, changeability and chance encounters. Its energy encourages us not only to embrace but also expect changes; look for new ways around obstacles; use every opportunity presented; and have faith in ourselves even during challenging times. Ultimately, this card helps us tap into our inner power so we can take hold of our destiny instead of waiting for things to happen by themselves. By understanding its significance on an astrological level, we gain insight into how life events unfold according to a larger plan – allowing us access to freedom through knowledge and understanding.

What Are The Benefits Of Combining Cards To Enhance Readings With The Wheel Of Fortune Card?

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card is a powerful symbol full of mystery and insight into the future. It can be used to enhance readings by combining cards, which has many benefits for those seeking clarity in their lives. Combining tarot cards allows us to look at the interpretation of individual cards in more detail, as well as seeing how they work together when forming a larger picture.

When we combine tarot cards with the Wheel of Fortune, it helps bring out hidden meanings that may have been missed when looking at each card separately. This enables us to gain richer insights into our own lives and experiences, as well as providing us with greater understanding about the intentions behind certain events or occurrences. The combination of these two elements also opens up new possibilities for self-realisation and growth, allowing us to explore different paths and potential outcomes from our current circumstances.

By bringing together the interpretive power of tarot card reading with the mysterious symbolism associated with the Wheel of Fortune card, we are able to access deeper levels of knowledge and insight than if either was used alone. Through this process, readers can gain an enriched perspective on any given situation without sacrificing accuracy or depth in their interpretations. As such, using combinations of tarot cards enhances readings considerably; unlocking hidden secrets and helping seekers find answers that will set them free along their journey towards true fulfilment.


When it comes to the Wheel of Fortune card, many tarot readers find that understanding its meaning is an essential part of getting a useful reading. It represents cycles and changes in life, but can also bring luck and opportunity when interpreted correctly. To get the most out of this card, you should consider its astrological correspondence and look for patterns between other cards in your spread. Combining two or more cards together can help give deeper insight into any given situation.

In conclusion, the Wheel of Fortune card is one of the most powerful tools available to tarot readers. Not only does it represent luck and potential opportunities, but by taking into account its astrological correspondences as well as combining with other cards in a spread, we can gain greater clarity on our current situations and make decisions accordingly. Ultimately, learning how to interpret this card accurately will enable us to use it confidently during readings – unlocking its full power and allowing us to recognize both positive and negative outcomes. Thus, empowering us to create our own destiny.

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