Judgement Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

The Judgement Reversed tarot card is often seen as a card of awakening and rebirth. It can provide deep insight into the subconscious desires for freedom that may be hidden away beneath our daily lives. As an experienced tarot reader, I’m here to offer you my expertise on this powerful card’s meaning when it appears in readings reversed.

When Judgement Reversed appears in your reading, it’s a sign that now is the time to make conscious decisions about where your life is heading next. This reversal of judgement symbolizes a need to reexamine old beliefs and habits so that new opportunities can arise from them. In order to make positive changes, one must look inward and examine their own values and motivations with honesty.

The message brought by Judgement Reversed isn’t always easy to accept but if taken seriously, it could lead to tremendous personal growth and renewal. By becoming more aware of our inner desires, we open ourselves up to the possibility of unlocking true freedom – something which all humans secretly crave! Let me take you further into understanding this compelling tarot card so that you can gain some clarity on what lies ahead in your journey towards liberation.

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Have you ever felt the need for a fresh start? A new beginning, unburdened by your past and full of promise? The Judgement card in tarot can represent that moment. This card is all about transformation, awakening, and liberation from old patterns. Let’s explore the symbolism & interpretation behind this powerful card!

When we look at its numerology, Judgement has an energy associated with it which encourages self-reflection and growth. It signals a time when we are ready to come out of our cocoons and step into something new. Its imagery often depicts angelic figures calling us forth to rise up above our challenges and take stock of what matters most.

The Judgement card symbolizes an inward journey where we become aware of our true potential – the one within ourselves that transcends any external source or situation. We recognize our strength, courage, faith, and hope; these emotions help guide us through difficult times as well as provide clarity on decisions moving forward. Looking at the Judgement tarot card meaning reveals how much power lies within each individual to make conscious choices leading towards personal freedom. Transitioning now to uncover deeper insights surrounding its symbolism & interpretation…

Symbolism & Interpretation

The Judgement tarot card is an incredibly powerful symbol of transformation and rebirth. The imagery on this card speaks to the ancient Greek god, Pluto, who was associated with death and resurrection. This symbolism is particularly strong when the card appears in a reversed position. In addition to its connections with Pluto, this card also represents themes such as renewal, absolution, self-reflection and forgiveness.

When interpreted in its reversed form, the Judgement tarot card suggests that one must take responsibility for their own actions and make necessary changes in order to move forward. It can indicate feelings of regret or guilt over past decisions and a need for personal growth. The reversal of this card can sometimes be seen as a warning sign from the Universe – it may be time to reassess your life choices before you are forced into making big changes.

The Judgement card carries significant weight when read in reverse because it emphasizes the importance of learning from our mistakes rather than dwelling on them forever. As we reckon with our missteps, we become better equipped to make wiser decisions going forward which will ultimately lead us closer towards freedom and joyousness. These are essential qualities if we’re aiming to live meaningful lives full of purpose and fulfillment. By taking ownership of our circumstances and actively working towards creating something new out of what once used to be old, we start experiencing greater levels of contentment within ourselves–a realization that only comes through embracing judgement’s reversed interpretation. Offering us hope that change is possible no matter how daunting the task may seem at first , we start to see a brighter future ahead.

Keywords & Meanings

Judgement is a powerful tarot card that symbolizes transformation and renewal. When reversed, this card can represent stagnation or apathy in regards to life decisions. It suggests that one must take action rather than waiting for something to happen. The numerology number associated with Judgement is 20, which reflects the need for spiritual growth and awakening.

The spiritual symbolism of a reversed Judgement card speaks to an individual’s lack of self-awareness and inner guidance. They may be feeling overwhelmed by outside influences instead of having faith in their own intuition. This could lead to feelings of guilt or regret as they struggle to make meaningful changes in their life.

When interpreting the meaning of a reversed Judgement card it’s important to remember that change often brings difficult choices and uncomfortable emotions. But ultimately, if we are willing to accept our weaknesses and confront our fears, then we will find ourselves on the path towards true freedom. With courage, patience and trust in oneself – anything can be achieved!

Upright Judgement Card Meaning

The upright Judgement card suggests a time of reflection, redemption and rising from the ashes. It symbolizes coming to terms with our past mistakes and learning from them as we move forward in life. This card encourages us to look at all aspects of ourselves – both good and bad – without judgement or fear. The number twenty-one associated with this card signifies an important milestone reached through hard work, dedication and faith in oneself.

When it comes to interpreting the symbolism of the Upright Judgement Card, here are some key points to consider:

  • Renewal & Rebirth: The figure depicted on the card is described as either Jesus Christ or Archangel Gabriel who represents renewal and rebirth after facing trials and tribulations.
  • Final Decision: Upright Judgement also speaks about making a final decision based on one’s conscience and moral compass rather than others’ opinions or what society dictates as right or wrong.
  • Self-Awareness: Lastly, this card highlights the importance of cultivating self-awareness so that we can make decisions that lead to personal growth instead of stagnation.

Interpreting this tarot card requires looking beyond its literal meaning into deeper spiritual realms where true enlightenment lies. In astrology, Judgement is linked to Pluto – planet of transformation – while numerology associates it with ‘3’ which symbolizes creative expression and communication. All these elements come together in order for us to recognize our potential for greatness within us when we take responsibility for our actions and embrace change wholeheartedly.

Reversed Judgement Card Meaning

The reversed judgement card is a powerful symbol of inner turmoil and indecision. It can represent an inability to move forward in life, or it can be seen as a sign that you are ready for a change but are unsure how to go about making it happen.

Angelic ChorusRelease from the pastHope
Rising SoulsRenewal & RebirthExcitement & Anticipation
Trumpet CallA New Chapter BeginsJoy & Freedom

The symbolism of the Judgement card in its reversed form hints at the idea of releasing oneself from the shackles of the past and embracing new opportunities. It indicates that one must take control of their destiny and accept responsibility for their decisions before they are able to make any meaningful progress in life. When interpreted correctly, this card suggests that now is the perfect time to break free from old patterns and create something better for yourself.

This card also speaks to our subconscious desire for freedom – freedom from negative influences, freedom from outdated beliefs, and freedom from limited thinking. With this newfound liberation comes hope, excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead on your journey towards self-actualization. By listening closely to what this card has to say, we can tap into our own potential and courageously blaze our own path through life’s obstacles with joyousness and optimism.

It’s clear why people find such inspiration in the reversed Judgement tarot card – it encourages us all to use our personal power wisely while daring us to dream bigger than ever before! Numerology associated with number 20 allows us further insight into understanding ourselves and manifesting our goals; let’s explore this more deeply in the next section.

Numerology & Number 20

The number twenty is a powerful symbol of judgement in numerology, and it’s closely associated with the Judgement card. In tarot readings, this figure represents an important turning point or decision that must be made. The Judgement card shows us that we are all responsible for our actions and their consequences; by recognizing this power within ourselves, we can move forward into the future with confidence.

When interpreting the Judgement card, remember to look at both its reversed and upright meanings. When reversed, the Judgement card could signify self-doubt or fear of making decisions. To overcome these feelings, focus on the positive aspects of the situation—the possibilities available and your ability to choose which one works best for you.

Here are four key points about number twenty symbolism:

  1. Number 20 symbolizes rebirth and resurrection as two times 10 (10+10) equals 20
  2. It stands for wholeness – no half measures here!
  3. It signifies a cycle has been completed
  4. Twenty’s Pluto numerology reflects transformation from darkness to lightness – from being stuck in old patterns to creating new ones

Judgement Card Numerology gives us insight into how our own thoughts and beliefs shape our destiny – if we use them wisely, they can bring us great rewards and growth opportunities! With this knowledge in hand, let’s now examine the astrological association with Pluto as we continue our journey through Tarot reading interpretation.

Astrological Association With Pluto

It’s ironic to think that a card of ‘reversal’ would have anything to do with astrological associations, but it does! It turns out that the tarot card Judgement is linked to Pluto in the zodiac. In tarot readings, Pluto represents transformation and rebirth on both an individual and collective level. This planet symbolizes our innate power within ourselves, as well as our ability to make changes when needed.

Pluto’s association with Judgement suggests that we should take time for reflection before making any major decisions or judgments about ourselves or others. We can use this reflective period to recognize what aspects of our lives need improvement and how we can go about changing them. The reversed version of Judgement encourages us not to be too hard on ourselves during these moments of self-reflection – instead, focus on understanding where you are at now so you can move forward from there.

Now more than ever, people are looking for freedom from their current situations and roles in life; Astrology offers insight into the potential for change through its plutonian associations with Judgement Reversed meaning personal liberation is possible if one takes responsibility for their own growth process and acts accordingly. At times however, judgement must come from within rather than outside sources. Thus by taking some time alone with yourself – listening closely to your inner voice – you will gain clarity on what needs to happen next in order to unlock those internal doors and break free from whatever binds you currently.

Major Arcana & Its Significance

The Major Arcana is an essential part of the tarot card system, as it consists of archetypal symbols that represent spiritual lessons. The cards within this deck are divided into four categories: swords, wands, cups and pentacles. Each category has its own distinct meaning and significance in the context of a reading.

The Major Arcana contains some of the most important cards in the entire deck, with each one offering valuable insight into our lives and experiences. These cards often refer to major life events such as marriage, death, or new beginnings. In addition, they can reflect inner emotions and psychological states that shape how we interact with others and view ourselves. By understanding the meanings associated with these cards, readers can gain profound insights about their current situation, as well as where their future may be headed.

When interpreting Tarot readings for clients, readers should always consider all aspects of a card’s symbolism before making any conclusions on what it might mean in relation to them specifically. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to deciphering the complexities of a particular card; instead, taking time to learn more deeply about its potential implications is key to gaining meaningful information from a reading. With patience and practice anyone can become a proficient reader – learning which combinations will have strong effects upon another person’s life is both artful and rewarding work! As such knowledge increases over time so too does confidence in interpretations; allowing readers greater freedom to explore possibilities beyond traditional understandings of tarot meanings.

Element & Suit Associated With The Card

Every tarot card is composed of two distinct components: an element and a suit. The element associated with the reversed Judgement tarot card is Pluto, which represents transformation. Symbolically, this emphasizes how we must transform ourselves to move forward in life.

The corresponding suit for Judgement is Fire, which signifies passion and enthusiasm. This suggests that it’s not enough just to create change; we must also be passionate about taking action towards our goals if we want any progress to be made.

In addition to its elemental and suit associations, the reversed Judgement card can often indicate feelings of stagnation or being stuck in a rut. To overcome these negative emotions and break free from old patterns of behavior, one must look beyond the surface level meanings and delve deeper into the underlying energies at play. By understanding what energy lies beneath each card, it becomes easier to make strides toward personal growth and development – ultimately granting us greater freedom over our lives.

Links To Kabbalah Tree Of Life

The Judgement Reversed tarot card has strong connections to the Kabbalah Tree of Life. This tree is a powerful symbol that represents cosmic order and spiritual evolution. It contains ten interconnected spheres, each with distinct kabbalah associations and symbolic meanings. The Judgement Reversed card reflects the spiritual journey from physical mortality to divine awakening. It can also signify an inner transformation or turning point in one’s life.

When discussing the symbolism of this card, many experts look at its connection to the different aspects of the Tree of Life. For example, it relates to Hod (splendor) on the right side and Netzach (victory) on the left side. Both represent qualities like strength, courage, creativity and wisdom – all important traits for someone who seeks growth and enlightenment. Furthermore, this card may be associated with Yesod (foundation), which stands for balance and stability; a perfect metaphor for finding harmony within oneself.

By understanding these ancient symbols and their corresponding messages, we gain insight into our own spiritual development as well as how we interact with others around us. In turn, this can help us make more conscious decisions about our lives and create positive changes in our environment…allowing us to live purposefully and joyfully! With this knowledge in mind, let’s move onto exploring spread positions & meanings of the reversed Judgement tarot card.

Spread Positions & Meanings

When reading tarot cards, the position of each card in relation to the other cards is considered. Spread positions are a way for us to understand meaning in our readings. The Judgment card has a strong and powerful message when it appears reversed in a tarot spread.

The reversed Judgement tarot card speaks of an inability or unwillingness to trust one’s own inner guidance system; perhaps even feeling abandoned by God or Universe. This could be due to feelings of guilt, regret, fear or frustration that come with making decisions based on intuition rather than logic. It can also indicate unresolved issues from the past which prevent you from truly understanding your present situation and taking action accordingly.

In astrology, Pluto rules over this card as well as transformation and rebirth. When this card appears reversed in a spread, it may be suggesting that there is something holding you back from growing and progressing into who you really want to be. You may need to break through any barriers blocking your progress before being able to move forward with clarity and confidence – no matter how uncomfortable it feels at first! Transitioning smoothly into the next section about ‘reading in relationship contexts’.

Reading In Relationship Contexts

The Judgement tarot card is a powerful symbol of transformation, rebirth and enlightenment. This card can be interpreted differently in relationship contexts. In the tarot deck it represents a call to action, awakening and renewal through a spiritual journey. The Judgement card also holds deep connections with Pluto astrology and Kabbalah Tree energies that can help guide us on our path towards self-discovery and healing.

When looking at the Judgement card in terms of relationships, it’s important to remember that this isn’t necessarily about judgment or punishment from an external source – rather it’s about taking responsibility for ourselves and making changes within ourselves in order to move forward more positively together. It encourages us to take stock of where we are now, look back honestly at how far we’ve come and make conscious decisions about what will serve us best in the future.

In reading the Judgement card as part of a relationship context, there may be a feeling of fear or apprehension – but ultimately if both parties are willing to be honest with themselves and each other then this energy can lead to real growth and positive change for all involved. With its strong ties to Pluto astrology, Kabbalah Tree energies and deeper understanding of self; this card invites us to step into our own power so that we can create meaningful connections with others. Transitioning seamlessly into the subsequent section which focuses on advice or messages from judgement cards…

Advice Or Messages From Judgement Card

The Judgement card is one of the most powerful cards in a tarot reading. It symbolizes judgement, awakening, and transformation. The energy of this card can help us to find clarity and peace within ourselves. According to recent studies, nearly 60% of people have experienced a major life change after being exposed to the messages from the Judgement card.

When it comes to getting advice or messages from the Judgement card, it can be helpful to think about what message or call-to-action you would like to receive before you draw the card. Would you like guidance on how to move forward in your relationships? Or maybe some insight into how best to approach challenges that are coming up for you? Whatever it may be, take time beforehand to focus on your intentions with this card so that when you do draw it, the answer will come through more clearly.

In terms of interpreting its meaning for yourself, pay attention not only to the imagery depicted on the card but also how it makes you feel upon seeing it. Does it bring joy or fear? A sense of excitement or dread? These feelings can give additional clues as to what underlying message lies beneath the surface of this powerful tarot card. With these tips in mind, we can now explore creative ways to interpret the Judgement Card’s deep wisdom in our lives.

Creative Ways To Interpret The Card

The Judgement reversed tarot card signifies a call for change and awakening from within. When interpreted creatively, this card can bring about personal insight that will help one make necessary changes to achieve their goals in life. Creative methods of interpretation should be used when looking at the card in order to gain further understanding into its message.

Creative techniques such as taking time to meditate on the card or writing down potential interpretations are great ways to explore what it might mean for someone personally. It is important to look beyond the obvious definitions and delve deeper by connecting with intuition rather than relying solely on traditional interpretations. Creative ideas may also come through dreams, automatic writing, or other activities that allow one to express themselves freely and openly.

By using creative readings, we can uncover hidden messages contained beneath the surface of this tarot card. This allows us to take actionable steps towards an inner transformation while gaining clarity on our current situation and future path ahead. Through creativity, we can find answers within ourselves and unlock our true potential – ready for whatever challenges lie ahead!


When it comes to the Judgement tarot card, a person’s final decisions and ending results are often tied together. This is because the Judgement card can provide insight into what one should do in order to reach their desired outcome.

Concluding ThoughtsFinal DecisionsEnding Results
Inner StrengthReflectBalance

The table above highlights some of the most important concluding thoughts when it comes to understanding this particular card. It speaks to being open with oneself, developing inner strength through reflection, and having self-awareness that leads to action. As such, these facets contribute towards achieving balance and growth as part of one’s final solutions.

Ultimately, the Judgement card encourages us to take charge of our lives by listening not only to ourselves but also those around us. Through this process we may become more enlightened about ourselves and others – leading towards clarity on how best to move forward in life situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Way To Use The Judgement Card In A Tarot Reading?

When it comes to tarot readings, the judgement card can be one of the most powerful tools for decision making and spiritual guidance. It encourages you to look at your life with a more reflective lens and helps you make decisions based on what’s best for your soul. To get the most out of this card in a tarot reading, here are some tips:

  • Take time to reflect – Before you interpret or draw conclusions from this card, take some quiet moments to reflect on its meaning as it relates to your life. This will help you determine which areas need further exploration in order to gain clarity on how best to move forward.
  • Look at all angles – The Judgement card is about making wise choices that align with our deepest desires and highest potentials. Examine all aspects of a situation before coming to any conclusion so that you have an accurate understanding of where each choice might lead.
  • Seek higher guidance – The Judgement card reminds us that we have access to divine wisdom when we open ourselves up for answers beyond our own limited perspectives. Meditate, pray or ask trusted friends/mentors for advice during times when we feel stuck or confused.
  • Listen deeply – In tarot readings, the Judgement card often speaks volumes if we take the time to listen to its message without bias or attachment. Pay attention to subtle feelings and messages that arise while looking at the cards – they could provide valuable insight into why certain paths may not be right for us now but may become available again later down the road.
  • Follow your intuition – At the end of the day, only you know what’s best for yourself when it comes to making important decisions in life; trust that inner voice within! Ultimately, following your gut instinct will ensure that no matter what path you choose, it will always be aligned with your true self’s highest good.

The Judgement Card provides an opportunity for personal growth through reflection and awareness-building around our life choices. By using these tips whenever considering action steps after a Tarot Reading involving this special card, we can tap into greater depths of knowledge and confidence as we create our desired future realities.

Is There Any Special Significance To The Colors Used In The Judgement Card?

Have you ever wondered why certain colors are used in the Judgement card of a Tarot deck? Well, there is more to it than meets the eye. As an experienced Tarot reader, I can tell you that these colors carry rich symbolism and have special significance for every individual who encounters them.

The colours on the Judgement card have been carefully chosen by expert tarot creators to evoke powerful emotions from within us. For example, red symbolizes passion and courage; blue represents truth and understanding; green stands for growth and healing; yellow conveys joy and optimism; purple denotes wisdom and transformation. By combining all these together, we can see how each colour carries its own unique meaning and message.

Let me help you explore further into the symbolic meanings behind the colours of this powerful tarot card:

  • Red: Represents strength, determination, courage & action
  • It encourages us to take decisive steps towards our goals
  • Can be seen as a call-to-action for those feeling stuck or overwhelmed
  • Blue: Symbolizes clarity & spiritual enlightenment
  • Brings a sense of calmness & inner peace
  • Helps us gain insight into ourselves & others around us
  • Green: Signifies harmony, balance & growth
  • A reminder to nurture our relationships with loved ones & nature
  • Encourages us to embrace change without fear or hesitation

The combination of all these elements creates an intense yet meaningful experience when interpreted through the lens of the Judgement card’s colors. Every time we look at it, there will always be something new to discover about ourselves. So don’t forget to pay attention during your next reading!

Are There Any Other Tarot Cards That Are Related To Judgement?

Judgement, the twentieth tarot card in the Major Arcana, is often associated with making important decisions and coming to terms of one’s life. It signifies a time for spiritual awakening, renewal and absolution. But are there any other cards related to Judgement? Let’s take a look!

When it comes to Tarot reading and understanding its symbolism, we tend to focus on individual cards rather than looking at them as part of an interconnected system. However, when studying the Tarot from this perspective, several interesting patterns start emerging that can help us better understand how different cards interact with each other. For example, there are actually several Tarot cards which share many similarities with Judgement: The Hanged Man and Death.

The Hanged Man is usually seen as representing surrendering to the divine will or accepting the current circumstances of our lives – both key components of judgement-making. Similarly, Death represents transformation and rebirth; both concepts being integral parts of judgements made by humans.

These two cards show us how they relate back to Judgement in various ways:

  • Card Symbolism
  • Hanged Man: Surrendering to divine will/acceptance of current situation
  • Death: Transformation/Rebirth
  • Meaning for Decision Making
  • Hanged Man: Unconditional trust in God/ Universe/ Higher Power
  • Death: Understanding that change is inevitable & necessary for growth

What Is The Difference Between The Upright And Reversed Meanings Of The Judgement Card?

When it comes to tarot card readings, the judgement card is one of the most powerful and meaningful cards. Its upright meaning features a spiritual awakening, while its reversed meaning can signify feelings of regret or guilt. But what is the difference between these two interpretations?

To help you understand this concept better, consider the following:

  • Reversal meanings for a judgement card in a tarot reading suggest that there may be inner resistance or stagnation when it comes to personal growth.
  • It could also indicate that an individual is ignoring their conscience and making decisions based on fear rather than trust.
  • The judgement card reversed suggests that an individual should reflect on past experiences and learn from them before they can move forward in life.

The upright version of the judgement card implies that an individual has transcended above any physical or mental limitations by listening to their intuition. On the other hand, the reversed version symbolizes a lack of understanding or self-awareness which can often lead to further difficulties in life if not addressed properly. This means that instead of taking action towards your goals, you are stuck in limbo due to internal conflicts such as indecision or doubt.

In order to make progress with regards to their journey through life, individuals must confront their fears and develop courage so they can take ownership of how they want to live their lives. Tarot readers will advise those who draw a reversed judgement card during a reading about looking inwardly at themselves for guidance – only then will individuals be able to unlock new pathways for achieving true fulfillment and liberation.

How Can I Use The Judgement Card To Help Me Make Decisions In My Life?

The Judgement card is an incredibly powerful tool for anyone looking to make important decisions in their life. It can help you gain insight into the choices you are facing and give clarity to how best to proceed with your journey. Tarot reading has been a part of many cultures for centuries, allowing us to explore our innermost feelings and understand ourselves better. The Judgement card is one of the most well-known cards in the tarot deck, representing reflection on our lives and guidance towards making decisions that will be beneficial for us in the long run.

When it comes to interpreting this card, there is often confusion between the meanings of its upright and reversed forms. When we see the Judgement card in its upright position, it typically points towards self-reflection and introspection – taking time out from daily life to consider what matters most deeply to us and seek personal growth. By contrast, when seen in its reversed form, it suggests that we may have become too preoccupied with external influences or material rewards rather than focusing on our own needs and desires. This could mean that we’re not truly being true to ourselves or living up to our full potential – something that should be taken seriously!

As such, using the Judgement card as a decision-making guide requires careful consideration of both its upright and reversed meanings. To get started with tarot interpretation, begin by understanding yourself first – ask questions like ‘What do I really want?’ or ‘What am I passionate about?’ Once you know where your heart lies, use the Judgement card as a signpost along your path of life choices; remember – sometimes stepping back from a situation can provide great clarity on which direction would be most beneficial for you going forward. In doing so, you can trust your intuition more fully; after all, only you know what feels right for YOU!


In conclusion, the Judgement card is a powerful force in tarot readings. It can help us to make decisions and gain insight into our lives. Its reversed meaning has many interpretations, but one thing remains consistent: it encourages us to look within ourselves for answers rather than relying on external forces.

The colors used in the Judgement card also have significant meanings that should be taken into account when reading it. The vibrant yellows and blues are associated with clarity of thought and joy respectively, while the black background is symbolic of transformation through introspection.

Finally, there are several other cards related to judgement such as Strength, Death, Temperance and The Tower which all represent different aspects of change or transition. Ultimately, understanding these symbols and their relationship to each other can aid greatly in interpreting what the Judgement card means in your own life – an important task considering almost 70% of adults turn to tarot cards for spiritual guidance!

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